About Us

Exotic Gold Green FoundationBetter Environment Better Options (BEBO)

Exotic Green Gold Foundation is a registered non-profit Organization, which focuses its activities on Environmental issues/advocacy, Organic farming research/education, Skill acquisition and empowerment.

Using the following Proactive measures namely;

*Anti- Litter Campaigns (BEBO Idealogy)

*Clean School Environment Competition/Research.

*Zero Waste/Recycling and Organic farming.

*Role Model Green Award


  • To promote consciousness necessary to promote Better Environment Better Options(BEBO) Idealogy.
  • To promote Zero Waste, through organic farming, Zero Land farming, and recycling.
  • To encourage sustainable urban agriculture using Zero land farming to achieve self sufficiency in food production & nutrition.
  • Join hands with other organizations Local and International to solve Earth’s greening problems and combat climate change.
  • Build long term community benefits to families when its mostly needed as a vehicle for education and empowerment.

We believe that by educating people to get involved and acting responsibly towards the environment, collectively we will improve our quality of lives, save resources, live  more sustainably, in our effort to protect, and preserve our environment, for our future generation and for the betterment of humanity.

We also believe in the ideology, that a conducive environment, which is peaceful, clean, and beautiful is all we need to promote good health and avoid diseases. It also offers opportunities for growth, & development, agriculturally, technologically, industrially, commercially and in all other aspects of living.



Join the struggle for a better environment:

  • Be the change you want. Let it start from you.
  • Add your voice to achieve a clean and beautiful environment
  • Be an example, make cleaning and disposing properly your second nature.
  • Turn your surplus waste into green gold.