Appeal for Support

Support UsYour Support Can Keep Us Afloat

We extend our appeal to individuals, corporate organizations, companies, and philanthropists, to join efforts with Exotic Green Gold Foundation.

Your support is at the core of our success, in carrying out our mission, and also to demonstrate our commitment as an organization of action and repute.

Sponsor one or more of our numerous events, your sponsorship promotes your business as a green leader, and a partner in this effort of protecting and preserving our environment, to keep it clean, beautiful and also restore wildlife and marine natural habitats.

The national coordinator, Dr. Chinyere C. Ogbonna has written a book titled, “We and our environment” to help

  1. Fund the organization
  2. Educate people on environmental friendly behaviours for health and happiness.

Help put this book in every family shelf.

Buy one or more as a means of supporting the organization and for education and empowerment for the benefit of humanity.

Join The Anti-Litter Campaign.

The Only Solution To Littering Is “YOU”